Trial Experience In Violent Crimes And Assault Cases

Assault charges and other violent offenses are frequently filed after a wide range of incidents, ranging from a bar fight to incidents involving road rage or a disturbance at a family gathering. Often violent offenses are crimes of passion. Police can easily misjudge the evidence they find after theses isolated offenses. Members of law enforcement may jump to conclusions based upon the amount of harm one participant or the other is showing from an altercation. We diligently review every assault case to determine what defenses may be available. Frequently, police accuse the wrong person who was acting in self-defense, defense of others or defense of property.

No Assault Or Violent Offense Is Too Big Or Too Small For An Aggressive Defense

Criminal defense lawyer Tasha Scott Schaffner gained valuable trial experience as a public defender early in her career. After entering private practice, she was the lead defense lawyer in a high-profile murder case where she presented a solid defense resulting in a hung jury in her first felony trial. However, the lawyers at Tasha Scott Schaffner, PLLC, in Florence, Kentucky, do not rest on past results, but draw on our experience to battle for the rights of our clients every day.

Our founding attorney has years of experience effectively handling all manner of violent offenses, including:

  • Murder
  • Assault
  • Assault on a family member or domestic violence
  • Wanton endangerment
  • Terroristic threatening
  • Menacing
  • Criminal abuse

Tasha Scott Schaffner founded our law firm to provide individuals accused of crimes in Northern Kentucky with access to high-quality criminal defense representation driven by justice. That takes more than sitting back and waiting for a plea deal to move a case forward. Our lawyers take the time to fully investigate each case to determine the best legal strategy to defend our clients.

Protect Your Future With An Aggressive Defense

A conviction for any level of assault can have long-term consequences, adversely impacting your ability to keep a job, pursue academic or military opportunities and even find a place to live. With the stakes so high, you need the representation of a lawyer who cares about fighting for your future.

We are devoted to providing forward-looking criminal defense representation to defend the vital interests of our clients. To discuss your charges with a trusted assault defense attorney in Northern Kentucky, please call 859-491-1011 or send us a message using the online form.