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How much should the state interfere in child custody matters?

When a couple separates or divorces, it may be necessary to bring in the court to help determine with which parent the children will primarily live, when and how much visitation the other parent will have and other matters. Even though Kentucky parents in this position may not be fully satisfied with the child custody decisions made by the court, they asked for the court to make the ruling. So, at what point does the state's intervention in a family's lives cross the line?

How does Kentucky view your child custody plans?

Taking care of your children is certainly among your top priorities. In a divorce, the issue of child custody could be your primary concern. You want to devise a plan that works best for everyone, not just the children, but you need to make sure that the court will approve it. This means that it must comply with Kentucky law.

Important facts about child custody in Kentucky

When most men and women become parents, the idea that they might one day end up in court fighting over their children likely never enters their minds. It is an unfortunate reality, however, that many couples, married or not, engage in a child custody dispute when the relationship turns sour. Since most parents entering such a dispute likely have no experience in this area, some basic information about custody in Kentucky may be useful.

Incarceration can compromise child custody

Incarcerated parents in Kentucky or other states typically lose some of their parental rights. Depending on the reason for incarceration, most parents in jail continue to be mothers or fathers -- the fact that they made mistakes that landed them in prison do not make them monsters. Conviction does not sever the bond between a child and a parent, nor does it cancel child custody.

Father faces charges of child custody interference

Families take many different shapes nowadays. Even here in Kentucky, there are likely families who are headed by people other than the traditional father and mother. It is no longer uncommon for grandparents to have been awarded child custody of their grandchildren for a variety of reasons.

Some views concerning child custody may be changing

Marrying and having a family is often the goal of many young people as they are deciding what they would like to do when they are grown and on their own. Most likely, the thought of getting a divorce and having to decide issues such as child custody do not fit into their narratives until much later. As many families in Kentucky have experienced, life often does not go as planned.

Child custody battle continues for mother of sick child

A recent adjudicatory hearing ended with a disappointing ruling for a young mother fighting to get her children back. The woman has been battling the court for child custody since she used a controversial remedy to treat her daughter's illness. Like many parents in Kentucky, she believes she had her child's best interests in mind when she acted. However, the law was not on her side.

Television star Jules Wainstein facing child custody battle

Fans in Kentucky and throughout the nation have been following a developing situation between television star Jules Wainstein and her estranged husband. The two are apparently engaged in a contentious child custody battle. A court Justice recently commented that he refuses to allow a television program to sway his decisions.

Love Squared: What to do when you can't see your grandchild

From the moment you held the little nugget, you knew you were in love. People say the best thing about being a grandparent is all the fun with none of the responsibility, but you know that it is more than that: You know the love for your grandchildren is even deeper than with your own kids--it literally is love to the second power.

Seeing the big picture when involved in child custody battles

During a divorce, it is normal for Kentucky parents to feel overwhelmed by the frustration, grief and anger that can accompany this difficult legal process. This often leads to emotional responses to complex and important issues that must be resolved, including child custody. Parents are sometimes inclined to fight for what they want, not what is actually in the best interests of the children involved.

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