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What happens when a divorce involves a retirement plan?

After spending years together, a Kentucky couple more than likely dreamed of what they would do during their retirement years. They may each have diligently contributed to their employers' 401Ks or pension plans in the hopes of making those dreams a reality someday. When it became clear that divorce was on the horizon, each of them may have begun to wonder what would happen to those plans.

Get your financial affairs in order prior to a Kentucky divorce

There is more to ending a marriage than simply physically and emotionally separating from a spouse. Kentucky couples more than likely have several financial endeavors together that make up the marital estate. Each party ought to consider getting their financial affairs in order prior to filing for divorce.

Overcoming the pain of divorce like Gwyneth Paltrow is possible

Even under the best of circumstances, overcoming the pain associated with ending a marriage can be a challenge, especially if children are involved. The bigger challenge for Kentucky couples, however, is moving past that pain to focus on what is truly important, which is working together as a team to make the transition of divorce as painless as possible for the children. According to actress Gwyneth Paltrow, that involves coming to some hard realizations even as the parties acknowledge their pain.

How can an attorney help save your business in a divorce?

You more than likely spent a great deal of time, money and effort growing your business into something you are proud of and is successful. Now that you face a divorce, you may be concerned that your soon-to-be former spouse may receive a portion of your business, which could potentially jeopardize the futures of you and your business. A Kentucky attorney can help you protect your interests when it comes to your business.

Coming out of a gray divorce with some financial security

Yes, it is possible. After relying on each other for decades for financial support, ending the marriage can cause a significant amount of stress regarding how to make ends meet after the divorce. With some planning and guidance, a Kentucky couple who falls into the "gray divorce" category could still come out of the process with some financial security.

"Gray divorce" becoming more common among baby boomers

There has been a shift in marriage statistics regarding older Kentucky residents and others in the nation, according to a recent study by a research group that focuses on demographic trends. Adults over 50 years old are not necessarily following the traditional relationship norms they once did. The study, which addressed divorce and marriage trends, was based on data obtained from the U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Protecting finances possible during divorce

The dissolution of a marriage in the state of Kentucky can certainly bring about emotional distress, but it can also bring some financial pains. This is particularly the case for those who are not used to making financial decisions independently. However, taking things one step at a time during the process of divorce can help to make the transition more palatable.

Collaborative divorce: Working together on your separation

If your only notion of what happens during a divorce is based on what you've seen on television dramas, you likely don't know about a new approach to divorce that's gaining in popularity. You won't see it on any soap opera, because its whole purpose is to remove the drama from divorce.

House not ready for proposed bill to delay divorce in Kentucky

A family court judge in Kentucky tried to convince legislators to put a few hurdles in the way of divorcing spouses to get them to stop and see if such a drastic step is avoidable. It did not work -- this time. Lawmakers decided not to consider the proposal to delay the divorce process for couples with children. After hearing testimony on the proposed bill, the House Judiciary Committee found no consensus for changing the state's existing divorce laws.

Will a collaborative divorce suit your circumstances?

When a Kentucky couple gets married, the intertwining of their lives start. Very soon, property, finances, children, pets, emotions and more will tie them together. Many couples will be happy ever after and grow old together, but some will reach a stage at which they might choose to go their separate ways. Untangling all those ties that were formed during the marriage can be an emotional process that sometimes brings contention into a divorce.

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