What a jury of her peers says about attorney Tasha Scott ...

"The first thing you figure out about Tasha is that she is truly dedicated, truly enthusiastic and truly passionate about helping people. She is a tough and courageous litigator, one who fights hard for justice - especially when it's for the underdog."
Covington attorney, Phil Taliaferro

"Tasha is always prepared. She's an effective advocate, dedicated to her client's best interests. It's important to come to court knowing the facts of the case, knowing the defense and knowing the rules and statutes. Lawyers often come in, they have 25 different cases going on, and they sort of half-ass know a little about all of them. Not Tasha. When she comes to court, she knows her stuff. She also has a good sense of what argument is her strength. To be an effective advocate, you have to know what your strong point is in your argument and play to that. Deal with your weaknesses and play to your strengths. This is the way Tasha works."
Assistant Kenton County Attorney Chuck Vaughn

"Tasha has the two most important requirements to be among the top trial lawyers - courage and moxie. I've seen the kind of cases she has tried, and I've seen how hard she tried them. She's good. And I know she won't back down."
Covington attorney Bob Carran

"Tasha is one of the most energetic young lawyers I have ever met, one who has a strong courtroom presence. I like Tasha - wherever she goes, people like her. She's just has great exuberance, enthusiasm and affability. She was a public defender in this part of the state for a year and a half - she's been gone a year now, and the clerks still ask about her. She makes a friend out of everyone. But as a lawyer, she doesn't hesitate to look a judge straight in the eye when she believes she's right."
Maysville attorney Ray Bogucki

"Tasha has done quite well in this area in a very short time. She is imaginative and creative, valuable attributes for an attorney. They give you a big advantage in terms of how you present a trial. You have to be able to present information to jurors in a way they can understand and buy into. Tasha does that well."
Crestview Hills attorney Wilbur Zevely