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Paternity test reportedly confirms Owne Wilson is a father again

Kentucky movie fans are likely familiar with the actor, Owen Wilson, and his roles in movies such as "Wedding Crashers" and the new movie, "Father Figures." On top of his many film credits, Wilson is reportedly now the father of a newborn girl. He has two sons by prior relationships. The actor purportedly volunteered to submit to paternity testing earlier this year that apparently confirmed he is the child's father. 

The actor agreed to the test after the mother, Varunie Vonsvirates, approached him with news of her pregnancy. Ms. Vonsvirate announced the name of her child back in the summer and later published hints on social media that Wilson is the father. The two were apparently in a short relationship. 

Shared child custody and support: How do you find a balance?

In the 1960s, it became commonplace for family court judges to award primary custody to a mother since most stayed at home to care for the kids. Times have changed and not only are many more women in the workforce, studies have shown that children fare best with a shared child custody agreement. Kentucky has passed a law that sets shared custody as the starting point in these negotiations.

There are three key aspects when discussing custody of children. The first is legal custody. This refers to the parents' rights to make decisions regarding the child's well-being, religion and education. Though many courts favor joint legal custody, it is important for parents to know what this entails and to request this as part of any agreements as those who do not have a share in legal custody are not permitted to make important decisions in their child's life. Physical custody and parenting time are the two other key elements of parenting agreements.

A high asset divorce can become complicated quickly

To the casual observer, the wealthy seem to have the world by the tail. However, in the event a wealthy couple's marriage comes to an end, the resulting high asset divorce can quickly become a nightmare for the parties involved. Regardless of one's own personal resources, Kentucky residents who are facing this prospect may be best served by consulting with experienced professionals.

The main goal of either spouse in the midst of a divorce is to ensure that he or she receives an equitable share of the marital assets. In many unions where the marital assets equal $5 million or less, it is recommended that the two parties avoid litigation to reach a settlement, as legal fees may mitigate any advantages a spouse may gain. In a divorce where the assets exceed $10 million or more, it may be advantageous to take several steps to off-set the cost of a divorce.

Retirement, divorce and your financial future

When a Kentucky couple decides to move forward with divorce, it will bring significant financial changes for both of them. It is normal to have concerns regarding the potential impact that your divorce can have on your long-term plans, such as your retirement. It is beneficial to learn more about retirement and divorce, and the steps you can take to protect your interests. 

During a divorce, a couple will have to address all marital property, which includes money saved or assets accumulated over the course of the marriage. This also pertains to retirement assets. The division of many types of retirement accounts can be complex, but it is possible to pursue a final order that allows you to have a strong and stable future.

Video game under fire for causing increased divorce filings

There are many reasons why a marriage may not survive over the long term. Though there have always been addictions that can lead to divorce, one of the newest supposedly involve addictions to video games. Kentucky residents who find that their marriage is no longer sustainable due to any addictive behavior may be contemplating a divorce filing of their own.

According to a source that follows the trends in divorce petitions, a new video game is being cited as a reason why couples are calling it quits. The game, called Fortnite, apparently does not appeal just to children and teens, as more and more adults are developing a possible addiction to the latest craze. This game apparently rewards players for the more time they spend, which leads participants to continue playing for longer and longer periods.

There is a high road in divorce that does not lead to bankruptcy

During a typical marital breakdown, the two parties often dig in and prepare for a protracted battle over money and wills. Neither side wishes to appear to lose and both are usually willing to try to ensure that the other spouse winds up suffering either financially or emotionally during a divorce. However, there may be a different way for Kentucky residents to approach their dissolution.

There are two main emotions that tend to steer people's reactions when they are going through the divorce process. The first of these is fear -- fear of the unknown and of life undergoing a drastic change. The second predominant emotion is greed. During a dissolution, it may be a normal reaction to want to obtain as many of the marital assets as possible in order to preserve one's current lifestyle. While these reactions are typical, they do not have to dictate how one behaves during the proceedings.

Eddie Murphy's paternity test leads to impressive support payment

Those who work in the entertainment industry face many temptations in life, including becoming involved in casual relationships. However, sometimes, those casual flings lead to a long-term commitment when a paternity test confirms one to be the father of a child. Kentucky residents who are seeking to either prove or dispel doubts concerning a child's parentage can seek assistance from family law professionals.

It was recently reported that comedian and actor Eddie Murphy is expecting his 10th child. This will be his second child with his current partner. He has several children with his former wife to whom he was ordered to pay an astounding $15 million to settle their divorce. It was not reported what amount he may have been ordered to pay for child support.

Most divorce hassles over finances call for careful planning

One of the most contentious issues during a marriage involves finances. Unfortunately, the process of getting a divorce also often involves disputes about money, usually over how to divide marital assets. Kentucky residents who are preparing to file for a divorce typically benefit from carefully reviewing their financial situations first.

Family courts in Kentucky seek to ensure that marital assets are distributed as equitably as possible. However, that does not necessarily entail splitting the marital property equally. Assets that appear to be comparable in value during the settlement negotiations do not always translate in an equitable split since some assets -- such as retirement saving accounts -- may be subjected to fees and penalties if they are accessed early. Likewise, other assets may grow in value over time while a spouse may have been awarded an account that stays static or loses value.

Divorce can take a toll on finances for both parties

It is often thought that a man will absorb most of the cost when a marriage ends. However, either party can sustain significant monetary damages if the spouses choose to make the divorce process more acrimonious. Kentucky residents who are preparing to file for a divorce may benefit from seeking experienced advice in order to preserve one's financial security.

One woman shared her experience when she and her husband sought to end their marriage. According to this former wife, she was the primary provider both before and during the 11-year marriage. She earned a comfortable six-figure salary in her profession while her husband struggled to build a career as a stylist. She recounted how she provided the majority of their lifestyle and also paid the cost of achieving a successful pregnancy.

Are you and your co-parent ready for the school year?

Going through a divorce means changes for everyone in the family. Making those changes easier for everyone involved may require some intense and thoughtful negotiations, especially when it comes to your parenting plan.

The impending school year may help remind you and the other parent that you need to set some grounds rules when it comes to communicating with the school and attending events. Whatever decisions you make for your family, they ought to help everyone start the school year on the right foot.

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