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Millennials have changed approach to marriage and divorce

The generation of adults born between 1981 and 1996 have been dubbed the Millennials. This demographic has been alternatively praised and condemned for their approach to things in life that were once regarded as unchangeable, including the divorce rate. Regardless of whether they reside in Kentucky or elsewhere, they have been credited with helping to reduce the divorce rate among those under the age of 45.

Millennials have been seen as willing to embrace technology and all of the social applications that have become a part of daily life. Because of their ease around technology, they have helped make divorce a less turbulent experience. They have become more comfortable posting about the end of the marriage on social media accounts and are willing to make use of dating apps once they feel ready to move forward.

Books can help children process how a divorce will affect them

There are many ways that children learn from the world around them. One of the better methods to help children process the changes that will come with a divorce is through books. Kentucky parents who are looking for ways to help their children accept the changes in their lives may choose to let books explain divorce in a less confrontational way.

There are many quality books on the subject that are geared toward the younger reader. While some are simple picture books, all of them are written in a manner that can help a child understand that a divorce is a common experience that can be survived without undue pain. Recently, a list of 20 books intended for young readers was compiled, and the books listed present the topic of divorce in ways that are both humorous and compassionate. These books are not meant for young adult and teen readers as there are other lists that are more appropriate for an older audience.

Should children have a say in child custody plans as they age?

There have been many studies that try to explain how a divorce affects children as they grow. While some studies appear to show that children from a broken home are just as well-adjusted as others, a lot of the outcome depends on the behavior of parents. One question Kentucky parents may ask themselves is whether children should have a say in child custody arrangements.

When children are younger, parents and the courts are likely in the best position to determine which living arrangements will best meet a child's needs. Younger children will most likely feel secure if they are permitted to equal time with both parents. However, as children reach the adolescent years, they begin to develop their own identity and want more of a say in decisions that impact their lives.

New technology aims to help with child custody and co-parenting

When a relationship between parents turns sour, it is often the children who get caught in the middle. Battles over child custody and sharing expenses can often become an issue that requires intervention by a judge. The development of a new technological tool might help divorced Kentucky residents co-parent more effectively.

The new app, called the co-Parenter, purportedly offers a wide range of benefits that support parents in their efforts to co-parent more effectively. The app incorporates artificial intelligence, (AI), which is reportedly capable of drawing cues from the context of a message and can revamp communication between the parties in such a way as to defuse volatile situations that would normally end in the parents facing off in a courtroom. The app includes a variety of tools that can enable parents to keep all relevant information concerning their children in one location. It also includes a function that provides a location verification to facilitate custody exchanges.

Do you want more privacy in your high asset divorce?

Going through a divorce is rarely anyone's idea of fun. It can sometimes be long and difficult, and it may seem as if your personal affairs suddenly become the business of anyone else who may be interested. However, that may not necessarily have to be the case with your situation.

If you own a business or otherwise have a considerable amount of wealth, you may feel it is vital that your affairs remain as private as possible. If so, you may want to consider requesting that the court file your divorce records under seal.

Layzie Bone named in paternity suit by woman for the second time

Those in the entertainment field often come under an intense level of scrutiny that the average person is not accustomed to receiving. As such, personal issues, such as questions regarding a child's paternity, are often fodder for the rumor mill and celebrity gossip columns. For the majority of Kentucky residents, family matters such as these are handled in a more personal manner.

According to recent reports, the rap artist known as "Layzie Bone" has been named in a paternity suit that was filed on behalf of a child. The suit was brought by the state health department and the child's mother. It alleges that the child was conceived by the couple in Sept. 2017 and the resulting child was born in May 2018. The little girl has been given both alleged parents last names.

In a divorce, new financial advisors may play vital role

Once a marriage is over, a spouse who was more dependant may feel he or she is unable to make sound financial decisions without professional guidance. When one is seeking a divorce from a life partner, it may be in his or her best interest to also divorce any advisors who provided services during the marriage. Kentucky residents may be best served by seeking advice from their own financial professionals.

In many marriages, one spouse is often more financially dependent. Because a divorce creates a huge demand on one's emotional, physical and financial well-being, it may seem easier to continue to solicit financial advice from the same professionals who advised a former spouse. However, one is likely better served by seeking out the services of separate financial advisors in order to gain a better financial footing for the future. Many people benefit from the services provided by both an accountant and a separate financial advisor.

Is there any one thing that will lead to a divorce?

When a couple decides to marry, they hope their marriage will last. However, over time, the relationship may change and while there may be one defining moment that signals the end, in many cases, the reasons that lead to divorce may be unclear. In Kentucky and elsewhere, though, there are some common denominators that many couples cite as the reasons for divorce.

Overall, marriage and relationship professionals say that there are several reasons as to why a marriage may not thrive. For many couples, it is more of a culmination of stresses or irritations that may have contributed to their realization that a divorce is the best option for them. Some spouses may have a preconceived idea of what may cause them to seek a divorce, but find that the actual last straw was something they did not anticipate.

Navigating divorce and new tax laws in 2019

Divorce is not an easy process, even for two parties who are amicable and resolved to avoid contention. From child custody to financial matters, there are a lot of complex issues to resolve before finalizing the process. Spousal support is an issue that could be more complicated in 2019, thanks to new changes in the tax laws. 

Starting on January 1, tax laws that pertain to the taxation of alimony will change. Divorce professionals believe that these changes could make it less likely that couples will be willing and able to negotiate on the issue of spousal support. Ultimately, this could lead to more contentious divorces that otherwise could be resolved through discussions and negotiations.

How do holidays work for children after their parents divorce?

There are certain events every year that children look forward to with great anticipation, including holidays or other special occasions. However, in the aftermath of a divorce, it becomes more challenging to juggle celebrations and parenting time. There are countless Kentucky parents who may find it difficult to celebrate in a manner that best meets their children's expectations.

By its nature, a divorce between parents often involves feelings of anger, hurt and resentment. Parents who are caught up in these emotions may find themselves unable to entertain the thought of spending a holiday in the presence of their former partner. For children, though, the idea of being able to enjoy the presence of both parents may be their most ardent desire. According to research, the three factors that often determine how children fare after a divorce include parental alienation, parental tension and whether parents are nearby.

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