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Reducing the cost of divorce with alternative dispute resolution

Financial matters are undoubtedly one of the most important issues that need to be addressed when a marriage comes to an end. To secure the best possible outcome many believe it is necessary to go to trial. While this is of course one way in which a divorce settlement can be reached. It is not the only way and in fact, following a different approach might result in a better outcome for all.

In Kentucky, the assets that will be divided are those deemed to be marital property. Presumably, at least part of that property will be used by each party to pay for their legal representation. Taking the adversarial approach usually entails extensive involvement of a lawyer which is expensive and could greatly reduce each person's portion of the ultimate settlement.

Opting for a less adversarial approach might make the process easier for all involved and be less expensive. Mediation or collaborative divorce could be used to resolve all matters related to a divorce, including property distribution, child custody, child support and alimony.

Other than the financial aspect there are other reasons these approaches are appealing. They are usually easier on any children involved, often take less time, and keep things private.

While it can be exciting, starting a new stage of life is often scary as well. Being in a good position financially can make the transition to that new start easier for all parties involved. Attorney Tasha Scott Schaffner understands how these approaches work and why they could be the best approach for divorcing couples. To learn more about how she may be of assistance to you contact her online or at 859-491-1011.

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