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July 2016 Archives

Building a strong financial future after divorce

Financial troubles are one of the leading reasons that couples choose to end their marriages. These financial battles do not stop once the divorce papers have been filed, but they can sometimes complicate the divorce process and leave Kentucky couples facing financial consequences that can last for years. One of the best ways to build a strong post-divorce financial future is to prepare well and make smart decisions before the divorce is even final.

Older individuals and divorce: protecting financial interests

Divorcing later in life is not uncommon, but it can bring a host of complicated issues that may not be as prevalent for younger Kentucky couples. Gray divorce is a term used to describe these couples who divorce closer to retirement, and it is critical to prepare and educate oneself in order to effectively navigate the issues at hand. This type of divorce can be significantly complex in certain areas.

Is Your Soon-To-Be Ex-Spouse Hiding Assets?

If you are planning to file for or are going through a divorce, you're likely experiencing a range of strong emotions. Fear and uncertainty are some of the most common emotions experienced by individuals who are going through divorce and both can be strong and negative motivators.

Divorce could be the path to a stronger, healthier future

Kentucky readers know that many people may stay in a marriage too long, avoiding a legal end to the relationship for many reasons. What some people do not realize is that divorce may actually be the way to a better, stronger future, despite the potential complications brought by the legal process. When a marriage is over, focusing on the positive aspects may help a person better navigate divorce.

Protecting financial interests during a high asset divorce

Kentucky readers know that financial disagreements are one of the most common reasons that couples choose to end their marriages. These financial disagreements often foreshadow the complicated disputes that are common in a high asset divorce, including fights over retirement, savings, business ownership and more. With preparation and the right professional support, it is possible to manage these complications effectively while still protecting financial interests.

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