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August 2016 Archives

When visiting your grandkids isn't enough

World champion gymnast Simone Biles wowed the world at the 2016 Rio Olympics. As she tumbled, flew, danced and spun her way through her routines, television announcers told the heartwarming story of how her grandparents adopted her and her sister because their birth mother is hopelessly addicted to drugs and alcohol and wasn't capable of caring for them. At end of her routine, Biles' maternal grandfather and his wife were shown in the stands watching their daughter shine and cheering her on.

Important financial considerations during divorce

As Kentucky readers know, divorce is a complicated process that requires a person to consider and decide on many important financial matters. In the midst of this potentially overwhelming process, it is important to pursue the protection of certain savings accounts. College savings, set aside for future educational needs of the parties' children, can be protected during divorce in order to ensure that these funds are distributed appropriately.

Increase in divorce filings typical for August

When a Kentucky couple or individual has decided to move forward with the legal process of ending a marriage, the timing of the actual filing is often based on the time of year. It is common for divorce filings to increase immediately after the holidays are over, but studies have found that there is also an increase during the month of August. This is likely due to many Americans traveling in the months of June and July.

How a high asset divorce impacts retirement

The rate at which aging baby boomers are choosing to end their marriages continues to grow, impacting retirement and other significant financial matters. Many older couples have valuable assets and/or have set aside funds for retirement, but a divorce can significantly alter such plans. For many of these individuals, a high asset divorce is a complex process to navigate.

The importance of preparing for divorce

The end of a marriage is difficult in many ways, even before the legal papers have been filed. When a husband or wife knows that divorce is coming at some point in the future, it is in his or her best interests to prepare for what lies ahead. Financial and emotional preparations can not only make the divorce process easier in Kentucky and elsewhere, but it can also help avoid unnecessary disputes.

Money and the real reasons many couples divorce

If asked about the leading reasons that people end their marriages, Kentucky readers may say that money is one of the most common causes. While financial woes and money problems do contribute toward the breaking down of a marriage, it may be more complicated than that. Recent studies and in-depth research seems to indicate that employment status, particularly that of the husband, may play a significant role in why people divorce.

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