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October 2016 Archives

Unmarried fathers and paternity actions: The support you need

When an unmarried couple has a baby, it can present certain complications that often require legal intervention in order to reach a reasonable resolution. While some are able to successfully co-parent without the need for a formal custody, visitation or support arrangement, fathers may find it necessary to seek legal support in order to protect their rights as biological parents. Kentucky fathers often turn to us when dealing with matters involving paternity and parental rights.

Retirement and divorce: the financial impact

When a person is approaching retirement, any major life changes could impact one's ability to move forward with future plans, including a divorce. As Kentucky readers may know, the rate of divorces for people age 50 and up is increasing, which has brought to light the sensitive financial issues that come with a gray divorce. As divorce will certainly have a financial impact, it is reasonable to assume that retirement plans may require adjustment.

Love Squared: What to do when you can't see your grandchild

From the moment you held the little nugget, you knew you were in love. People say the best thing about being a grandparent is all the fun with none of the responsibility, but you know that it is more than that: You know the love for your grandchildren is even deeper than with your own kids--it literally is love to the second power.

Seeing the big picture when involved in child custody battles

During a divorce, it is normal for Kentucky parents to feel overwhelmed by the frustration, grief and anger that can accompany this difficult legal process. This often leads to emotional responses to complex and important issues that must be resolved, including child custody. Parents are sometimes inclined to fight for what they want, not what is actually in the best interests of the children involved.

Effectively managing the financial issues of a high asset divorce

Celebrity divorces garner a lot of media attention and often shed widespread attention on sensitive financial issues faced by wealthy couples during divorce. Kentucky couples may not be celebrities and their high asset divorce may not cause national headlines, but these divorces can be complicated and must be handled effectively. Fortunately, it is possible to walk through a high asset divorce without unnecessary and expensive litigation.

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