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November 2016 Archives

Television star Jules Wainstein facing child custody battle

Fans in Kentucky and throughout the nation have been following a developing situation between television star Jules Wainstein and her estranged husband. The two are apparently engaged in a contentious child custody battle. A court Justice recently commented that he refuses to allow a television program to sway his decisions.

Digital data can come back to haunt during divorce

When many Kentucky residents hit the "delete" button on their phone, tablet or computer, they believe that the information is truly gone. In reality, however, it is very difficult to permanently delete digital data from an electronic device. In fact, doing so could require the assistance of a tech professional. That can lead to problems during a divorce.

Dissipation of assets in a high asset divorce

When faced with the end of a marriage, some Kentucky spouses will act in ways that are uncharacteristic of them. This is especially true in regard to financial matters, where individuals can easily become extremely upset and sometimes downright unreasonable. An example is found in a practice known as dissipation of assets, in which one spouse intentionally acts to deplete the amount of marital wealth that will be subject to property division in a high asset divorce.

Ex accepted alimony for years after divorce and remarriage

Very few Kentucky residents relish the thought of providing ongoing financial support to their soon-to-be exes. However, alimony is still alive and well, and many divorce cases will result in one party making payments to the other. In many cases, alimony payments can be ceased when the recipient remarries. Unfortunately, not all former spouses are open and honest about their relationship status.

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