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Television star Jules Wainstein facing child custody battle

Fans in Kentucky and throughout the nation have been following a developing situation between television star Jules Wainstein and her estranged husband. The two are apparently engaged in a contentious child custody battle. A court Justice recently commented that he refuses to allow a television program to sway his decisions.

Allegations of drug abuse against Wainstein have complicated matters between her and her former spouse. An attorney for Wainstein's estranged husband said a summer episode of the Real Housewives show in which Wainstein stars serves as evidence of her drug abuse problem. The particular episode in question is said to include scenes where Wainstein admits carrying Percocet and lidocaine with her wherever she goes.

Reportedly, the mother of two has also spent time in a rehabilitation center for eating disorders and drug abuse. A sitting Justice in a matrimonial court stated stronger evidence is needed to prove Wainstein's alleged substance abuse problem other than what might have been shown or said in a television program. When asked about the situation, Wainstein told reporters she is prohibited from speaking about the case.

The actress has requested $25,000 a month in child support and spousal assistance. Her former spouse had already agreed to pay $200 per month for food, as well as all costs associated with the children's nanny care, housing and education. The court has the final say in matters concerning child custody; however, a concerned parent in Kentucky or elsewhere can ensure that his/her voice is heard by acting alongside representation from a family law attorney.

Source: New York Daily News, "'Real Housewives' star's child custody battle gets ugly", Victoria Bekiempis, Nov. 16, 2016

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