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December 2016 Archives

Child custody battle continues for mother of sick child

A recent adjudicatory hearing ended with a disappointing ruling for a young mother fighting to get her children back. The woman has been battling the court for child custody since she used a controversial remedy to treat her daughter's illness. Like many parents in Kentucky, she believes she had her child's best interests in mind when she acted. However, the law was not on her side.

No consensus on serving divorce papers through Facebook

Some Kentucky readers may be aware of recent court cases in which individuals have been served with legal papers through social media sites, Facebook in particular. Courts across the nation have been faced with this issue, as more and more people use social media to communicate with one another, and the platforms that facilitate that communication become part of American culture. However, there is still no consensus on the matter, and no guarantee that a judge will allow divorce papers or any other legal matters to be served by these means.

Don???t get sidetracked by the small things during divorce

Processing the end of a marriage is a difficult task, and one that is often fraught with emotion. Being able to set aside those emotions and make rational decisions can be a challenge during a divorce. However, when Kentucky couples fight over little things, their legal fees can quickly mount, leaving both parties with reduced resources for starting their newly single lives. A prime example lies in excessively negotiating items of personal property.

One state reduced waiting period for divorce

In many cases, Kentucky spouses who are ready to bring their marriage to an end cannot reach that outcome soon enough. They are often eager to begin their new lives as singles, and to move beyond a marriage that is beyond repair. One state has facilitated that process by shortening the required waiting period between filing for divorce and having the process made final.

Protect your rights as a father in a military divorce

The end of a marriage is complicated for many reasons, but it can be particularly complex for individuals who are members of the military. If you are a dad, you are probably especially concerned for your rights as a father, but you also want to maintain a strong career in pursuit of your future military aspirations.

Millennials embrace prenups for divorce protection

Many different social norms change from one generation to the next. Marriage and divorce is no exception. A recent survey conducted by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers suggests the younger couples are increasingly choosing to create a prenuptial agreement prior to heading to the altar. In fact, among the family law attorneys who were surveyed, 62 percent reported an increase in prenuptial agreements in recent years. For those in Kentucky who are preparing to wed, this is an important matter to take into consideration. 

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