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January 2017 Archives

Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. seeks divorce after 20 years of marriage

It is not uncommon to hear about Hollywood marriages that break up after a seemingly short period of time. It is a bit surprising to many when a marriage that has spanned two decades ends in divorce. However, marriages end for many reasons as many families in Kentucky have likely experienced themselves.

High asset divorce drags on for more than 7 years

Richard Stephenson may not be a household name, but it is likely that Kentucky families have heard of his work. He is the founder of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, a network of private hospitals that specialize in treating patients with cancers that are difficult to treat. Now, however, he has been consumed with a totally different undertaking as his high asset divorce has dragged on for more than 7 years.

Some views concerning child custody may be changing

Marrying and having a family is often the goal of many young people as they are deciding what they would like to do when they are grown and on their own. Most likely, the thought of getting a divorce and having to decide issues such as child custody do not fit into their narratives until much later. As many families in Kentucky have experienced, life often does not go as planned.

Collaborative divorce: Is it right for you?

For many people who have made the extraordinarily difficult decision to divorce, keeping the process non-adversarial is a main priority. Whether you want to shield your children from a contentious custody battle or you simply want to avoid the cost and complication of going to court, a collaborative divorce may be the optimal choice for your Kentucky family.

Finding new ways to live life after a divorce

Marriage often results in one changing who he or she is in order to find harmony with a new spouse. However, if the marriage does not survive, then the former spouse may struggle to re-discover who he or she is once the divorce is granted. Instead of fearing how to start over, many Kentucky residents may find that their new life is just beginning. 

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