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Some views concerning child custody may be changing

Marrying and having a family is often the goal of many young people as they are deciding what they would like to do when they are grown and on their own. Most likely, the thought of getting a divorce and having to decide issues such as child custody do not fit into their narratives until much later. As many families in Kentucky have experienced, life often does not go as planned.

When a marriage ends, as so many do, any children involved are directly impacted. While the majority of parents attempt to put the needs of their children first, when it comes to deciding who will be the primary caretaker, things may get complicated. Conventional wisdom use to dictate that children should spend the majority of their days with one regular caregiver. This was due to the now questionable theory that especially young minors could only properly bond with one parent.

Researchers have now discovered that children are in fact able to form bonds with multiple care providers. As a result, more non-custodial parents are seeking to spend more time with their children. Both parents can contribute significantly to the upbringing of their children and, provided the ex-partners can agree, a parenting plan that supports this might be in the child's best interests.

There are situations and circumstances that might prevent both parents from taking a regular and active role in the raising of their children, and these issues might best be addressed by the courts. Kentucky families who are having difficulty settling on child custody or other matters can seek the advice of a family law attorney in order to arrive at the best options for their children. In addition, as children age, it may be beneficial to revisit older parenting plans in order to ensure that families are able to provide children with all they need to grow up healthy, both physically and emotionally.

Source: woodtv.com, "Custody and divorce: What you need to know", Jan. 3, 2017

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