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February 2017 Archives

Visitation challenges after a military divorce

Structuring visitation schedules can be challenging for military families, especially when one parent is in another state or deployed overseas. After a military divorce in Kentucky, circumstances may change without much notice. One parent may be absent for most of the time and unable to make visitation appointments. If, however, that parent is not scheduled for transfer of deployment over summer vacation or Christmas holidays, the lost parenting time might be made up then.

Will a collaborative divorce suit your circumstances?

When a Kentucky couple gets married, the intertwining of their lives start. Very soon, property, finances, children, pets, emotions and more will tie them together. Many couples will be happy ever after and grow old together, but some will reach a stage at which they might choose to go their separate ways. Untangling all those ties that were formed during the marriage can be an emotional process that sometimes brings contention into a divorce.

Military divorce needs specialized guidance and support

Ending a marriage will always be a complicated process with many legal intricacies. When it is a military divorce, federal law and the complexities of military life make the process even more challenging. For this reason, any Kentucky resident who is involved in the military and considering a divorce might achieve the best outcome with the support and guidance of an attorney who focuses on military divorce.

The hidden fee of divorce and certain retirement accounts

Oftentimes when a couple marries, they look upon everything in their lives as shared property. Unfortunately, if the couple later decides that a divorce is the best course for them, then they may view sharing assets differently. It is possible some Kentucky residents were surprised when they were faced with an unexpected cost when forced to divide one account.

The division of divorce: splitting assets at a marriage's end

You've worked hard for most of your life to get where you are, and you and your family have been enjoying the fruits of your labors. But what happens to all you've accumulated when your marriage suddenly comes to an end?

Father faces charges of child custody interference

Families take many different shapes nowadays. Even here in Kentucky, there are likely families who are headed by people other than the traditional father and mother. It is no longer uncommon for grandparents to have been awarded child custody of their grandchildren for a variety of reasons.

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