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Protecting finances possible during divorce

The dissolution of a marriage in the state of Kentucky can certainly bring about emotional distress, but it can also bring some financial pains. This is particularly the case for those who are not used to making financial decisions independently. However, taking things one step at a time during the process of divorce can help to make the transition more palatable.

Incarceration can compromise child custody

Incarcerated parents in Kentucky or other states typically lose some of their parental rights. Depending on the reason for incarceration, most parents in jail continue to be mothers or fathers -- the fact that they made mistakes that landed them in prison do not make them monsters. Conviction does not sever the bond between a child and a parent, nor does it cancel child custody.

Collaborative divorce: Working together on your separation

If your only notion of what happens during a divorce is based on what you've seen on television dramas, you likely don't know about a new approach to divorce that's gaining in popularity. You won't see it on any soap opera, because its whole purpose is to remove the drama from divorce.

Common issues to check in a high asset divorce

Ending a marriage is never easy, and when it involves a complicated estate with large amounts of money, businesses, properties and other complicated assets, it might need professional assistance. Having the right guidance may help to avoid the typical hurdles of a Kentucky high asset divorce. While protecting the high-value assets, there will also be cars, the dog, the kids, visitation rights, alimony and the house to consider. One thing that can jeopardize a person's post-divorce financial future is agreeing to anything just to get away from the situation.

House not ready for proposed bill to delay divorce in Kentucky

A family court judge in Kentucky tried to convince legislators to put a few hurdles in the way of divorcing spouses to get them to stop and see if such a drastic step is avoidable. It did not work -- this time. Lawmakers decided not to consider the proposal to delay the divorce process for couples with children. After hearing testimony on the proposed bill, the House Judiciary Committee found no consensus for changing the state's existing divorce laws.

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