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February 2018 Archives

When do grandparents have a right to seek custody or visitation?

Grandparents play a special role in the lives of their grandchildren. Divorce and custody issues can disrupt a healthy and important relationship, and Kentucky grandparents often wonder if there is a legal way by which they can fight for either custody or regular access to their grandkids.

Child's fears lead to modification of child custody agreement

Most of the time, when a family court judge is weighing the best interests of a child, he or she is also considering what each parent may desire as far as time with their offspring. While the parents may or may not be able to arrive at a mutually satisfactory decision on their own, the court-ordered child custody agreement is meant to ensure that the minor's needs are protected in the best manner possible. Kentucky parents who are concerned that their current arrangements are no longer suitable may need to petition for a modification.

Garage sale; dress burning helps woman celebrate divorce

There are many life events that people enjoy celebrating with family and friends. While a divorce may not be the first occasion that comes to mind for a celebration, there may be many reasons why a former spouse would want to formally note his or her new-found freedom. Kentucky residents who are hoping for a fresh start after an unhealthy marriage may find their own ways to mark this life-changing moment.

A business in a high asset divorce requires in-depth valuation

Seeking a dissolution of a marriage is never an easy undertaking. If there is a business involved in the process of seeking a high asset divorce, then the matter may become even more complex. Kentucky residents can obtain the services of professionals who can ensure that the company is given an in-depth valuation.

When you can't keep up with your spousal support payments

You did it. You went through the divorce process and are now working on moving forward in your life. As part of your divorce decree, you've been ordered to pay spousal support -- also known as maintenance -- to your ex. At first it was okay, but a change in circumstances has made it difficult to keep up with this obligation. What can you and other Kentucky residents in your situation do to turn things around?

Suggestions that may make divorce court less intimidating

When the marriage vows were exchanged, the focus was more on making the event memorable and joyous. When it comes time to make an appearance before a divorce judge, the focus is more about getting through the process as smoothly as possible. There are some suggestions that may prove helpful for Kentucky residents who are preparing for their own day in court.

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