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April 2018 Archives

In child custody cases, children must be the focus of your fight

The end of a relationship between parents is seldom an easy transition. Indeed, Kentucky parents are often caught up in so many conflicting emotions, that it may be difficult to see the forest for the trees. In these cases, no matter how distraught and angry parents may feel, child custody must be focused on what plans will best serve the needs of the children involved.

Useful ideas for fathers seeking custody

The film and book industries have not really done justice regarding how they portray fathers in America. Often, characters in movies or novels come across as lazy, disinterested parties who try to escape the obligations and responsibilities that accompany parenthood. If such characterizations irritate you, you are definitely not alone in your frustration. The fact is that there are many wonderful fathers out there who want nothing more than to fulfill their roles as best they can to help their children become well-adjusted, productive, happy adults.

Military divorce seems to be holding steady; marriages in decline

Life in the military can be rewarding in many ways, though there are many sacrifices that families are asked to make when one or both spouses are service members. In spite of the demands that these families face, it appears that the military divorce rate has not significantly increased over the past several years. Unfortunately, divorce is a fact of life for many Kentucky residents, whether one is in the military or lives a civilian life.

Ex-mayor Rudolph Giuliani's wife seeking high asset divorce

Years ago, Rudy Giuliani, became one of the most well-known mayors in the country after the 9/11 terrorist attack. Shortly before that horrific event, he was widely criticized when he announced at a press conference that he was divorcing his wife in favor of the woman with whom he was having an affair. Kentucky residents may not be surprised that his current wife is now seeking what will likely be a high asset divorce.

Proposed bill intended to help protect paternity rights for some

The advances that have been made in medical science enable those who were previously unable to have children to try other options. In Vitro fertilization has allowed many who struggle with infertility to have a baby, and, as a result, existing laws regarding paternity rights have been updated in some states, including Kentucky. There are still certain situations that may make establishing or protecting those rights more challenging.

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