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Considering collaborative divorce? Here's what to expect

In today's society, getting a divorce doesn't have to be the contentious process it used to be. Like elsewhere in the nation, couples here in Kentucky are choosing alternatives such as collaborative divorce as a way to reach a settlement that provides both parties, and their children, with the best possible start to their new lives.

Therapists offer advice, humor on shedding guilt over divorce

In a world that has evolved in many ways, there are still some quick to pass judgment on those whose relationships end in a dissolution. Unfortunately, many marriages will end in divorce regardless of how much effort the partners may invest. Kentucky residents who are contemplating this step have enough to handle without dealing with negative input from others.

In high asset divorce, ex-wife paints her own version of artwork

According to the old saying, "All is fair in love and war,' though most draw a line at deception. There are times when one may believe that any actions are justified during a high asset divorce. Kentucky residents who are preparing for a possibly contentious dissolution of their marriages may seek the guidance of experienced professionals.

Support can help spouses avoid or cope with military divorce

A spouse's chosen career often can impact how the marriage plays out. Families in Kentucky with one or both spouses in the military have particular challenges due to frequent moves and long periods apart. While military divorce is not uncommon, many people attempt to save their marriages by seeking support and guidance from those who have lived as a military spouse for longer periods of time.

Kentucky first state to pass joint child custody law

Many years ago, it was presumed that mothers were best suited to be the primary caregivers in the event of a divorce. Over the past several years, there has been a shift toward permitting both parents shared parenting arrangements. Just recently, Kentucky became the first state to pass a law that requires judges to order joint child custody in the majority of cases.

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