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You don't have to go to court to resolve child custody issues

One of the most frustratingly important parts of a divorce involving children is making custody and visitation arrangements. Even if you don't get along with your future ex-spouse, you may agree on the fact that your children need you, and they will always bind you together regardless of your relationship with your ex-spouse.

Divorce can often result in several financial revelations

In many households, one spouse usually takes control of handling the finances. However, in the event of a divorce, the spouse who has not been involved in the monetary aspects of the household may discover some uncomfortable revelations. Kentucky residents who are facing a divorce may benefit from learning more about money management strategies for the future.

Kentucky law provision to aid parents during military divorce

Earlier this year, Kentucky became the first state to pass a shared child custody that requires family court judges to consider equal parenting as the default decision. There is a less-talked about provision included in that law that aims to assist active-duty and reserve-duty parents who have gone through a military divorce. This provision states that deployed parents will be assured of a return to a previous custody agreement once the deployment is completed.

Farming families may benefit from planning in case of divorce

Family farms are a rich heritage in many parts of the country, including many areas of Kentucky. While it takes a special calling to devote one's life to farming, it may also require more planning to preserve a farm in the event of a divorce. Every situation is unique and requires an individual approach, but there are measures any couple could take to make the process easier.

Paternity test shows former boxer Mayweather Sr. is likely father

In today's society, the concept of the traditional nuclear family has slowly been replaced by families that come into being through various means. This makes the use of paternity tests to ensure that children are provided for even more important. Kentucky residents who need assistance in proving the paternity of a child can obtain assistance from knowledgeable professionals.

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