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Paternity test shows former boxer Mayweather Sr. is likely father

In today's society, the concept of the traditional nuclear family has slowly been replaced by families that come into being through various means. This makes the use of paternity tests to ensure that children are provided for even more important. Kentucky residents who need assistance in proving the paternity of a child can obtain assistance from knowledgeable professionals.

Several decades ago, one of the most recognized names in the world of boxing was Floyd Mayweather, Sr. He later had a son who also became a champion fighter and recently retired at the age of 41. Fans of the sport may be surprised at the news that the 67-year-old trainer and fighter was recently sued for child support for a 1-year-old girl.

According to the child's mother, the baby was conceived in October of 2016. She claimed that though Mayweather was in contact with the woman throughout her pregnancy, he has not helped contribute to the financial care of the girl. The birth certificate does not list the fighter as being the biological parent, nor was he in attendance during the baby's birth.

According to reports, Mayweather did respond to the suit by consenting to a paternity test a few months ago. It purportedly indicated that he is the most likely father of the girl. There were no further details released concerning whether the two parties have come to an agreement over child support or if the former champion is seeking any visitation. Kentucky residents who need to establish a child's paternity for legal or personal reasons may benefit from consulting with a family law attorney who can help guide them through the process.

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