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November 2018 Archives

Woman files paternity suit against law enforcement officer

Regardless of one's occupation, no one is immune from engaging in actions that may result in consequences for other parties. One of these is becoming involved in relationships that may not have been intended to last long term. Unfortunately, sometimes, these relationships result in an unplanned child. In the event that a Kentucky resident finds him or herself in a situation that includes a future child, he or she may choose to seek paternity testing to prove parentage of said child in order to establish who will be responsible for providing for the child's needs.

New trend of divorce coaches may provide certain benefits

Traditionally, the term coach referred to a person who helped athletes train in order to perform at their best. More recently, coaching has also referred to offering specialized advice to people in a variety of disciplines. Kentucky residents who are preparing to end their marriages may benefit from the services that a divorce coach can offer.

Jurisdiction isn't a given in military divorces

Military service members make sacrifices in their service to the United States. They may move around a lot and be deployed to a hostile area. For many soldiers, this is just part of the job, and they accept it because they honor their commitment to the country.

During the divorce process, some parents may try "nesting"

The decision to end a marriage is seldom an easy one, and the presence of children only makes it more difficult. One way some parents are helping to ease the transition is by making it possible for the children to remain in their family home. Kentucky residents who are preparing to file for a divorce may be unsure of how to approach co-parenting in the future. 

Grandparents with child custody of grandchildren increasing

The idea of children being raised in homes headed by their grandparents is not a new phenomena, but it is becoming more prevalent. There are many reasons why a grandparent may have child custody, but recent figures estimate that approximately 3 million households consist of grandparents raising grandchildren. It is unclear how many of these families reside in Kentucky, but the challenges facing these elderly caregivers may be different than those facing other caregivers.

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