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Should children have a say in child custody plans as they age?

There have been many studies that try to explain how a divorce affects children as they grow. While some studies appear to show that children from a broken home are just as well-adjusted as others, a lot of the outcome depends on the behavior of parents. One question Kentucky parents may ask themselves is whether children should have a say in child custody arrangements.

New technology aims to help with child custody and co-parenting

When a relationship between parents turns sour, it is often the children who get caught in the middle. Battles over child custody and sharing expenses can often become an issue that requires intervention by a judge. The development of a new technological tool might help divorced Kentucky residents co-parent more effectively.

Proficiency of English not basis for granting child custody right

When a family court is charged with the responsibility of determining which living arrangements will best meet the needs of a child, there are numerous factors that play a role in a court's decision. Recently, a mother alleged that her ex-spouse's greater command of the English language was taken into consideration for granting child custody rights. Though the case was not heard in Kentucky, the findings of an appellant court could provide an example for other cases.

Grandparents with child custody of grandchildren increasing

The idea of children being raised in homes headed by their grandparents is not a new phenomena, but it is becoming more prevalent. There are many reasons why a grandparent may have child custody, but recent figures estimate that approximately 3 million households consist of grandparents raising grandchildren. It is unclear how many of these families reside in Kentucky, but the challenges facing these elderly caregivers may be different than those facing other caregivers.

Mother works to change how child custody cases are handled

When parents decide to part ways, one of the most difficult decisions is how to best raise their children. In situations where it is appropriate, child custody will be decided in such a way that a child will spend time with both parents. Kentucky residents who are struggling to resolve these matters in the manner that will best serve their children may seek the advice of a neutral party.

Shared child custody and support: How do you find a balance?

In the 1960s, it became commonplace for family court judges to award primary custody to a mother since most stayed at home to care for the kids. Times have changed and not only are many more women in the workforce, studies have shown that children fare best with a shared child custody agreement. Kentucky has passed a law that sets shared custody as the starting point in these negotiations.

NFL player seeking to establish joint child custody and support

In many situations, when an unmarried father is faced with the responsibility of providing for an unexpected child, he may be reluctant to seek parenting rights. Though a father may no longer be in a relationship with the child's mother, he is still entitled to seek child custody or visitation rights. Those who reside in Kentucky do have access to professionals who can help them resolve these matters in the manner that will best meet the needs of their children.

Some states still do not provide fathers equal child custody time

After a divorce, many parents struggle to work out an acceptable parenting plan that can best meet the needs of their children. Many states, including Kentucky, have revised child custody laws in order to ensure that fathers are able to spend more time with their children. However, there are still many states that are failing to provide them with comparable parenting time.

Psychotherapist urges courts to consider infants in child custody

There has been a concerted effort over the past several years for states to modify their laws in the matter of custody agreements. In fact, Kentucky recently passed a bill that requires judges to consider shared child custody as the default decision unless doing so would be detrimental to a child. However, one child care professional has urged family courts to carefully weigh the matter when it comes to children under the age of two.

Kentucky first state to pass joint child custody law

Many years ago, it was presumed that mothers were best suited to be the primary caregivers in the event of a divorce. Over the past several years, there has been a shift toward permitting both parents shared parenting arrangements. Just recently, Kentucky became the first state to pass a law that requires judges to order joint child custody in the majority of cases.

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