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Divorce can often result in several financial revelations

In many households, one spouse usually takes control of handling the finances. However, in the event of a divorce, the spouse who has not been involved in the monetary aspects of the household may discover some uncomfortable revelations. Kentucky residents who are facing a divorce may benefit from learning more about money management strategies for the future.

Farming families may benefit from planning in case of divorce

Family farms are a rich heritage in many parts of the country, including many areas of Kentucky. While it takes a special calling to devote one's life to farming, it may also require more planning to preserve a farm in the event of a divorce. Every situation is unique and requires an individual approach, but there are measures any couple could take to make the process easier.

Avoid the common pitfalls that many make in divorce settlements

The end of a marriage requires that many decisions be made concerning the division of marital assets. Though the process may feel overwhelming at times, choosing to take a big picture view may make it easier to achieve a binding and fair settlement agreement. Kentucky residents who are beginning divorce negotiations may benefit from these tips to avoid some of the more common errors.

The divorce process may be less stressful with different focus

The end of a marriage can be emotionally, mentally and financially taxing. Though the divorce process can seem unending, there are some steps that may help make the process more manageable. Kentucky residents who are contemplating all of the aspects of their impending dissolution may benefit from keeping several key points in mind.

Therapists offer advice, humor on shedding guilt over divorce

In a world that has evolved in many ways, there are still some quick to pass judgment on those whose relationships end in a dissolution. Unfortunately, many marriages will end in divorce regardless of how much effort the partners may invest. Kentucky residents who are contemplating this step have enough to handle without dealing with negative input from others.

Kentucky spousal support during and after a divorce

Every state has its own approach to how former spouses can be provided for once a marriage ends. Kentucky is no exception and has laid out its own regulations concerning the subject of alimony both during and after a divorce. Each situation is different, however, and requires a specific agreement tailored to an individual's needs.

Those headed for divorce may do well to avoid some poor advice

The end of a marriage often sends unhappy spouses looking for advice and support. Unfortunately, some of the well-intentioned advice about a divorce is not only off base but may also cause further financial or emotional harm. Kentucky residents who are contemplating taking this step may benefit from avoiding some of the more common misconceptions.

Garage sale; dress burning helps woman celebrate divorce

There are many life events that people enjoy celebrating with family and friends. While a divorce may not be the first occasion that comes to mind for a celebration, there may be many reasons why a former spouse would want to formally note his or her new-found freedom. Kentucky residents who are hoping for a fresh start after an unhealthy marriage may find their own ways to mark this life-changing moment.

Suggestions that may make divorce court less intimidating

When the marriage vows were exchanged, the focus was more on making the event memorable and joyous. When it comes time to make an appearance before a divorce judge, the focus is more about getting through the process as smoothly as possible. There are some suggestions that may prove helpful for Kentucky residents who are preparing for their own day in court.

A divorce can be letting go, not giving up

Every engaged couple hopes for the best when they decide to say the vows that are meant to join them for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, life can take many twists, and the "I do" may become an "I cannot." Regardless of what may have changed, many Kentucky families may have learned that a divorce is not always an end, but possibly a beginning.

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