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Both state law and federal regulations apply to military divorce

Marriage to a service member carries all of the commitments required for a civilian union, in addition to the pressure that comes with military duties. If the marriage becomes unsustainable, then the process of obtaining a divorce will follow state laws, in conjunction with federal regulations that may apply according to each individual's circumstances. Kentucky residents who are seeking a military divorce can start with legal advisers for basic information to begin the process. 

It is vital to know the truths from the myths in military divorce

Regardless of whether one is part of the military life through service or marriage, a dissolution is a confusing and emotional undertaking that requires accurate information. Those who are seeking a military divorce may struggle to understand the process -- including what is truth and what is false information. Kentucky residents who are preparing for this type of dissolution may be best served by seeking accurate information from experienced professionals.

Kentucky law provision to aid parents during military divorce

Earlier this year, Kentucky became the first state to pass a shared child custody that requires family court judges to consider equal parenting as the default decision. There is a less-talked about provision included in that law that aims to assist active-duty and reserve-duty parents who have gone through a military divorce. This provision states that deployed parents will be assured of a return to a previous custody agreement once the deployment is completed.

There are aids available for those seeking a military divorce

No matter the personal circumstances, a divorce is never a pleasant undertaking. If one or both of the spouses are members of the armed forces, then seeking a military divorce may seem to be more complex. Kentucky residents who are preparing to embark on the process have access to qualified professionals who can provide sound guidance.

Support can help spouses avoid or cope with military divorce

A spouse's chosen career often can impact how the marriage plays out. Families in Kentucky with one or both spouses in the military have particular challenges due to frequent moves and long periods apart. While military divorce is not uncommon, many people attempt to save their marriages by seeking support and guidance from those who have lived as a military spouse for longer periods of time.

Military divorce seems to be holding steady; marriages in decline

Life in the military can be rewarding in many ways, though there are many sacrifices that families are asked to make when one or both spouses are service members. In spite of the demands that these families face, it appears that the military divorce rate has not significantly increased over the past several years. Unfortunately, divorce is a fact of life for many Kentucky residents, whether one is in the military or lives a civilian life.

Not every belief concerning military divorce is true

There can be many unique challenges in military marriages. However, when a marriage comes to an end, a military divorce is not unlike a civilian dissolution -- in spite of some myths that seem to persist. Kentucky residents who are contemplating a divorce that includes a service member may be best served by seeking the assistance of a professional who is familiar with military regulations.

When seeking a military divorce, experience and knowledge matter

There are some momentous decisions that require a strong commitment and resolve to follow through. One of these decisions is the desire to sign up for a stint in the armed forces in order to serve one's country, and the other is the decision to enter into a marriage. Unfortunately, as many Kentucky residents are aware, many marriages will not survive in spite of one's best efforts, and the process of obtaining a military divorce may require patience and skilled assistance.

Servicemembers have special concerns regarding child custody

Being a member of the U.S. armed services is likely a source of pride for you. However, it may also be a source of contention in your family, especially if it means you spend long periods of time away from home. Like many marriages of servicemembers, yours may not have survived the challenges of military life, and now how your divorce will affect your relationship with your children concerns you.

Is support ordered in a military divorce not being paid?

Ending a marriage with a member of the Armed Forces involves dealing with numerous benefits and other issues that other Kentucky residents may not have to deal with in their proceedings. One of those issues is support orders. Each branch handles its members, providing adequate support in different ways. However, help may not be available if the service member is not paying support ordered in a military divorce in a civilian family court.

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