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In a divorce, new financial advisors may play vital role

Once a marriage is over, a spouse who was more dependant may feel he or she is unable to make sound financial decisions without professional guidance. When one is seeking a divorce from a life partner, it may be in his or her best interest to also divorce any advisors who provided services during the marriage. Kentucky residents may be best served by seeking advice from their own financial professionals.

Is there any one thing that will lead to a divorce?

When a couple decides to marry, they hope their marriage will last. However, over time, the relationship may change and while there may be one defining moment that signals the end, in many cases, the reasons that lead to divorce may be unclear. In Kentucky and elsewhere, though, there are some common denominators that many couples cite as the reasons for divorce.

How do holidays work for children after their parents divorce?

There are certain events every year that children look forward to with great anticipation, including holidays or other special occasions. However, in the aftermath of a divorce, it becomes more challenging to juggle celebrations and parenting time. There are countless Kentucky parents who may find it difficult to celebrate in a manner that best meets their children's expectations.

Financial stress often root cause behind many divorce filings

Love can cover a multitude of issues; however, money woes can seldom remain buried for long. It almost goes without saying that monetary difficulties are behind countless divorce filings. Kentucky residents who are struggling in their marriages may be finding that disputes over debt are at the root of their arguments.

The divorce process is not one that comes naturally

The effort of sustaining a marriage or dissolving one is not one that comes naturally. Just as marriage takes much time and effort, a divorce also takes time and energy. Kentucky residents who believe that a divorce is their best option may feel confused as to how to begin the process.

New trend of divorce coaches may provide certain benefits

Traditionally, the term coach referred to a person who helped athletes train in order to perform at their best. More recently, coaching has also referred to offering specialized advice to people in a variety of disciplines. Kentucky residents who are preparing to end their marriages may benefit from the services that a divorce coach can offer.

During the divorce process, some parents may try "nesting"

The decision to end a marriage is seldom an easy one, and the presence of children only makes it more difficult. One way some parents are helping to ease the transition is by making it possible for the children to remain in their family home. Kentucky residents who are preparing to file for a divorce may be unsure of how to approach co-parenting in the future. 

Divorce and kids: sons and daughters process it differently

When parents come to the realization that a marriage is no longer viable, the emotional fallout impacts all family members. Research shows that sons and daughters process their emotions after a divorce differently. Kentucky parents who are going through the process may be able to help their children easier if they understand how boys and girls experience a divorce.

Video game under fire for causing increased divorce filings

There are many reasons why a marriage may not survive over the long term. Though there have always been addictions that can lead to divorce, one of the newest supposedly involve addictions to video games. Kentucky residents who find that their marriage is no longer sustainable due to any addictive behavior may be contemplating a divorce filing of their own.

There is a high road in divorce that does not lead to bankruptcy

During a typical marital breakdown, the two parties often dig in and prepare for a protracted battle over money and wills. Neither side wishes to appear to lose and both are usually willing to try to ensure that the other spouse winds up suffering either financially or emotionally during a divorce. However, there may be a different way for Kentucky residents to approach their dissolution.

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