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Layzie Bone named in paternity suit by woman for the second time

Those in the entertainment field often come under an intense level of scrutiny that the average person is not accustomed to receiving. As such, personal issues, such as questions regarding a child's paternity, are often fodder for the rumor mill and celebrity gossip columns. For the majority of Kentucky residents, family matters such as these are handled in a more personal manner.

Woman files paternity suit against law enforcement officer

Regardless of one's occupation, no one is immune from engaging in actions that may result in consequences for other parties. One of these is becoming involved in relationships that may not have been intended to last long term. Unfortunately, sometimes, these relationships result in an unplanned child. In the event that a Kentucky resident finds him or herself in a situation that includes a future child, he or she may choose to seek paternity testing to prove parentage of said child in order to establish who will be responsible for providing for the child's needs.

Paternity test reportedly confirms Owne Wilson is a father again

Kentucky movie fans are likely familiar with the actor, Owen Wilson, and his roles in movies such as "Wedding Crashers" and the new movie, "Father Figures." On top of his many film credits, Wilson is reportedly now the father of a newborn girl. He has two sons by prior relationships. The actor purportedly volunteered to submit to paternity testing earlier this year that apparently confirmed he is the child's father. 

Eddie Murphy's paternity test leads to impressive support payment

Those who work in the entertainment industry face many temptations in life, including becoming involved in casual relationships. However, sometimes, those casual flings lead to a long-term commitment when a paternity test confirms one to be the father of a child. Kentucky residents who are seeking to either prove or dispel doubts concerning a child's parentage can seek assistance from family law professionals.

Paternity test shows former boxer Mayweather Sr. is likely father

In today's society, the concept of the traditional nuclear family has slowly been replaced by families that come into being through various means. This makes the use of paternity tests to ensure that children are provided for even more important. Kentucky residents who need assistance in proving the paternity of a child can obtain assistance from knowledgeable professionals.

Proposed bill intended to help protect paternity rights for some

The advances that have been made in medical science enable those who were previously unable to have children to try other options. In Vitro fertilization has allowed many who struggle with infertility to have a baby, and, as a result, existing laws regarding paternity rights have been updated in some states, including Kentucky. There are still certain situations that may make establishing or protecting those rights more challenging.

Paternity hearing starts off spring training for Miguel Cabrera

Star athletes like Miguel Cabrera are often admired by people who use them as role models for achieving future goals. However, these athletes are just as human as the rest of society and face their own struggles in life, including legal matters such as paternity suits and child support. Kentucky families often face similar circumstances whenever there is a breakdown in a relationship between parents.

Kentucky encouarges unwed fathers to legally claim paternity

Many years ago, it was considered taboo for a woman to have a child without being married to the baby's father. However, it is now an accepted part of normal family life, though states have devised laws that dictate how a biological father can legally establish paternity of his child regardless of marital status. Kentucky is no exception, and it has created an avenue for men to seek legal recognition as a child's father.

Paternity laws give unwed men a chance

Lots of Kentucky couples do not feel the need to get married to solidify their relationships. As time goes by, they may have a child. While the relationship is going strong, the fact that the couple failed to legally establish the paternity of their child. However, if the relationship sours and the couple decides to go their separate ways, it could quickly become an issue.

Establishing paternity gives you rights to your child

Did you and the mother of your child formally establish that you are the biological father at birth? If not, you have no legal rights to the child under Kentucky law if you and the mother were not married at the time of the birth. Unwed parents do not enjoy the same legal assumption regarding paternity as married couples do.

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