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Paternity hearing starts off spring training for Miguel Cabrera

Star athletes like Miguel Cabrera are often admired by people who use them as role models for achieving future goals. However, these athletes are just as human as the rest of society and face their own struggles in life, including legal matters such as paternity suits and child support. Kentucky families often face similar circumstances whenever there is a breakdown in a relationship between parents.

Kentucky encouarges unwed fathers to legally claim paternity

Many years ago, it was considered taboo for a woman to have a child without being married to the baby's father. However, it is now an accepted part of normal family life, though states have devised laws that dictate how a biological father can legally establish paternity of his child regardless of marital status. Kentucky is no exception, and it has created an avenue for men to seek legal recognition as a child's father.

Paternity laws give unwed men a chance

Lots of Kentucky couples do not feel the need to get married to solidify their relationships. As time goes by, they may have a child. While the relationship is going strong, the fact that the couple failed to legally establish the paternity of their child. However, if the relationship sours and the couple decides to go their separate ways, it could quickly become an issue.

Establishing paternity gives you rights to your child

Did you and the mother of your child formally establish that you are the biological father at birth? If not, you have no legal rights to the child under Kentucky law if you and the mother were not married at the time of the birth. Unwed parents do not enjoy the same legal assumption regarding paternity as married couples do.

Paternity suit filed against NBA player

Like most men here in Kentucky, Amar'e Stoudemire had no problem accepting that he was the father of a woman's child despite the fact that he was married to another woman when the child was conceived and born. He began providing for the child after he was told about her, which was not until after her birth. However, that did not stop the girl's mother from filing a paternity suit against the NBA player seeking permanent child support and a legal acknowledgement that Stoudemire is the father.

Establish paternity now to avoid problems in the future

Many Kentucky couples are in committed relationships, yet remain unmarried. These couples often have children, and may not realize that the state does not automatically assume that the mother's partner is the biological father of the child. Simply putting the father's name on the birth certificate is not enough to legally establish paternity.

Establishing paternity is essential for unwed parents

These days, many Kentucky couples decide that marriage might not be right for them. Making that choice might come with numerous advantages, but when it comes to children, it puts both parents at a disadvantage. Eventually, the issue of paternity will need to be addressed in order to protect the parents and the child. It is not enough to simply put a name on the birth certificate.

Unmarried fathers and paternity actions: The support you need

When an unmarried couple has a baby, it can present certain complications that often require legal intervention in order to reach a reasonable resolution. While some are able to successfully co-parent without the need for a formal custody, visitation or support arrangement, fathers may find it necessary to seek legal support in order to protect their rights as biological parents. Kentucky fathers often turn to us when dealing with matters involving paternity and parental rights.

What to expect with paternity testing

There are numerous individuals in Kentucky and elsewhere that will require DNA testing in order to clear up questions about paternity. In doing so, support or custody concerns can then be addressed. The thought of paternity testing, for some, may be scary or even confusing. As with any medical test, it is understandable to have questions about what to expect during and after the procedure.

Should you seek spousal support during divorce?

If you are facing the end of a marriage, you likely have concerns over finances, both during and after the process is final. As Kentucky readers know, it is normal to have concerns about money during a divorce, especially if you did not work while you were married or you made significantly less money than your spouse. For this reason, many people choose to seek spousal support.

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